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Safety on paint lines


Automation system PSS 4000 implements intelligent automation for robot-supported applications.

Yanfeng Plastic Omnium in Shanghai is one of China's largest suppliers of automotive components. Painting car parts is an important part of the process at Yangfeng. Most paint lines and their numerous stations are fully automated.

High plant availability thanks to the automation system PSS 4000

To guarantee maximum plant availability, automation and safety functions must interact perfectly. This is where the automation system PSS 4000 comes into play. The PLC control system PSSuniversal PLC monitors the connected sensor technology - safety switch PSENcode and light beam devices PSENopt. The robot controller also communicates with the control system PSSuniversal PLC and provides information about its status.

Implementation of the automation system PSS 4000 at Yanfeng Plastic Omnium has now been completed successfully - plans are already in place to expand to a total of five more lines.

The automation system PSS 4000 is flexible and simple to use across industries. Automation: complete and simple!

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