ESCHA Product Premieres at SPS 2019


Two product premieres at SPS 2019

25 September 2019

Halver, 2 October 2019 – The German connectivity specialist ESCHA is showing two new product premieres at this year’s SPS. In Hall 10.0, Stand 321 of Nuremberg show ground, M12x1-connectors with plastic locking nuts will be on display for the first time. The plastic locking nuts provide a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel locking nuts. Furthermore, ESCHA is presenting five-pole variants of its L-coded M12x1-power-connectors. These are PNO-conform due to a grey contact carrier and a grey cable and facilitate a power transmission of up to 63V DC at a current rating of up to 16A. Naturally, ESCHA is again showing solutions out of its comprehensive standard portfolio as well as interesting customer-specific developments.

M12x1-connectors with plastic locking nut

Plastic locking nuts dispose of a decisive advantage over stainless steel locking nuts: They are cost-effective, but by no means a cheap alternative. The plastic locking nuts developed by ESCHA are extremely robust and can be tightened by hand as well as with a torque wrench. They are media- and temperature resistant and especially adapted for applications in utility vehicle area or agriculture. In addition, ESCHA plastic locking nuts come in four colours (black, grey, red and blue). Thus, connectors can easily be marked facilitating a quick allocation or distinction.

In the food- and beverage industry, connectors of special plastics are used ensuring connector resistance to aggressive media and detergents. ESCHA has developed a grey plastic locking nut in a so called ‘Hygienic Design‘ exactly for this application area. This prevents the formation of dirt pockets and is resistant to Ecolab-detergents. In this way, F&B-sector customers can also make use of the cost benefits of a plastic locking nut.

Extension M12x1-power-product portfolio

In the automation industry, the trend is moving more and more towards a reliable power transmission via compact interfaces. Particularly, the popular M12x1-interface is in focus of the current developments. ESCHA has decided to further extend its comprehensive M12x1-power-product portfolio and add PNO-conform variants with grey contact carriers and grey cables. At the SPS, the five-pole connectivity components with L-coding will be on display as single-ended- and double-ended cord sets as well as receptacles in various versions.

As a supplement to the M12x1-power-connectors and -receptacles, ESCHA also offers matching five-pole M12x1-power-splitters in H-, h- and T-housing styles. These splitters provide an easy decentralized power wiring following the bus wiring. In addition to the five-pole L-coded variants, ESCHA has already had on offer M12x1-power-connectivity with four-pole L-coded as well as S-, T- and K-coded for a long time. All ESCHA M12x1-power-components are dust- and waterproof according to protection classes IP65, IP67 and IP68 in screwed condition. They have been designed in such away meeting the UL2237 requirements. They provide a large extension of power transmission through a connection cross section up to 2.5mm². A big advantage – particularly with direct voltage distribution – is the small voltage drop in contrast to smaller cross sections.

Standard, Special, Tailor-made

In addition to the two new developments, ESCHA is again showing solutions out of its comprehensive standard portfolio as well as interesting modification projects and customer-specific developments. Visitors can get information on these topics on Stand 321 in Hall 10.0 from 26 to 28 November.